Procedures for Applying for Treatment

What are PCBs Scheme of PCB Waste Treatment JESCO's Five Regional Facilities Safety Measures

Items accepted for treatment and registration forms
Treatment Fees
Discounts for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Flow from Application to End of Treatment
How to Apply

Items accepted for treatment and registration forms

Items accepted are high concentration PCB waste such as transformers and capacitors, PCB oil, fluorescent ballasts, and other PCB contaminated wastes stored in Japan. To apply, holders must provide information on PCB wastes such as weight, size, and storage status using JESCO's registration forms. Holders can register PCB-containing equipment in use as well.
Please refer to this page (Japanese only) for registration.

Note: Low concentration PCB (0.5 to 5,000mg/kg) oil, wastes and machinery are treated at businesses certified by MOE's certification system or by local governments. See this link (Japanese) for a list of certified businesses.

Treatment Fees

Please refer to price list here (Japanese). Treatment fees are established by type of PCB waste (Transformers, Capacitors, PCB Oils, Ballasts and other PCB contaminated wastes). Fees do not include transportation fees, and JESCO itself does not transport customers' PCB wastes. However, JESCO authorizes qualified transporation companies at each facility, and provides a list (Japanese) of permitted companies.

Treatment Fee Alleviation Program for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and suchlike) and Individuals

Outline of the Treatment Fee Alleviation Program
Prefectural governmentsCentral Government
Contribution to the PCB Treatment Fund
Subsidies for construction fees of facilities
PCB Treatment Fund (Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency (ERCA))
70% off discount (for qualified SMEs and corporations) and 95% off discount (for qualified individuals) on treatment fees compensated by above grant and subsidy.
PCB waste holders qualified for alleviation

A 70% discount (for SMEs and corporations) and a 95% discount (for individuals) will be available for treatment fees of transformers, capacitors, pcb oils, ballasts and other PCB contaminated wastes* owned by qualified holders listed below.

*Low concentration (0.5 to 5,000mg/kg) PCB wastes are excluded from program.

1.SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and suchlike)
(1) Companies who qualify all three below
  • Companies who qualify for criteria A or B in below table (except companies whose equity participation from large companies is above 50% (deemed large companies))
  • Companies who are not 100% owned by deemed large companies, and have no dominance relationship with deemed large companies
  • Companies who do not 100% own large companies, and have no dominance relationship with large companies
    (2) Sole proprietors who qualify for criteria B in below table
    Main Business A.Capital B.Employees
    Manufacturer 300,000,000 yen or under 300 or under
    Wholesale 100,000,000 yen or under 100 or under
    Service 50,000,000 yen or under 100 or under
    Retail 50,000,000 yen or under 50 or under
    Rubber Manufacturer 300,000,000 yen or under 300 or under
    IT Service 300,000,000 yen or under 300 or under
    Hotel Business 50,000,000 yen or under 200 or under
    Others 300,000,000 yen or under 300 or under
  • (3) Organizations for SMEs
  • Organizations stipulated in Act on Organizations of SMEs (cooperative associations, small cooperative associations, fire mutual aid associations, credit cooperative associations, federation of cooperative associations, joint-enterprise cooperatives, cooperatives, commercial/industrial associations, or federations of commercial / industrial associations)
  • Associations or federations established by a special law, by which 2/3 or more of the constituent members (either directly or indirectly) fall under the category listed in Table above (agricultural cooperatives, fishery cooperatives, etc.)

  • 2.Corporations
  • Number of employees 100 or under (except for companies and Organizations for SMEs)

  • 3. Individuals
  • Individuals who have succeeded PCB waste by a dismissal or abolishment of business
  • Individuals who for some reason store PCB wastes that are subject to Alleviation Program
  • Bankrupt individuals (Trustee in bankruptcy)

  • Flow from Application to End of Treatment

    Customers must first submit PCB waste information to JESCO.

    Action For Customers JESCO's action
    Submission of information on PCB equipment and others->(Reception of Information)
    (Several weeks or months after Submission)<-After registration is completed a "Registration Confirmation Certificate" will be sent back
    (6 months to 1 year prior to treatment contract)<-Notification of treatment date
    (3 to 4 months prior to treatment contract)<-Information on SMEs alleviation application
    Submission of SMEs Alleviation->(Acceptance and examination of application)
    Signing of treatment contract==Signing of treatment contract
    Transporting PCB waste to facility->(Acceptance, treatment of PCB waste)

    * To transport PCB wastes to JESCO facilities, PCB waste holders must either sign up with transportation companies who meet JESCO facility requirements and have received authorization from both JESCO and local governments involved, or transport themselves after receiving permits from JESCO.

    How to Apply

    Necessary documents (Application form and photographs of waste to be treated) should be sent to JESCO by post.
    Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corporation
    Sumitomo Fudosan Shiba Bldg.No.3 3F
    1-7-17 Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014