Reports and Publications

*Report on the Tasks Related to Digization of Information on Environmental Technology for Information Service to Overseas

*Technical Manual on Industrial Pollution Control(Metal Plating Industry & Marine Products-processing Industry)

*Technical Manual on Industrial Pollution Control(Textile Dyeing / Finishing Industry & Meat Processing Industry)

*Technical Manual on Industrial Pollution Control(Pulp and Paper Industry)

*Technical Manual on Industrial Pollution Control(Industrial Waste Landfill Site)

*Studies in Ecological Community Development

*Report on Concentrated Liquid Cyanide Waste Treatment Technology

*Report on Advanced Technology for Treatment of Marine Product Processing Effluent in Cold Regions

*Researchi Survey of Joint Treatment System for Waste Water Treatment Sludge

*Report by the Committee on Examination of Dye Waste Water Advanced Treatment Technology

*Report by the Committee on Oil-Contaminated Waste Water Treatment Technology

*Report by the Technical Study Committee Concerning an Advanced Treatment of Food Industry Waste Water

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