Introduction to Interim Storage Facility

Aerial drone videos; Soil Separation Facility, Soil Storage Facility, locals’ beloved schools and shrines and more are displayed.

Exhibition Gallery

Monitors and information boards of each stage of the work of Interim Storage Facility, including transportation, Soil Separation Facility, treatment at Soil Storage Facility and R&D present latest updates of the project.

Lecture Room

A 10 minutes video guides you to the overviews of Interim Storage Facility work, from transport to processing at Soil Separation Facility and treatment at Soil Storage Facility.

Okuma town and Futaba town

Information boards and monitors highlight the history and culture of Okuma town and Futaba town, where Interim Storage Facility is located. Plans and efforts toward restoration of these two towns are also updated.

Radiation monitoring information

Radiation dose rate in the Interim Storage Facility area is displayed.