Is the Center closed on Monday if it is a holiday?

No, the Center is open on Monday if it is a holiday. However, it will be closed the following weekday.

How much is admission to the Center?

Admission is free.

Can anyone visit the Center?

Yes, anyone is welcomed to visit the Center.

Can groups visit the Center?

Yes. Please contact us in advance if you would like to request a guided tour. If we already have other booking, we may accommodate you at another time.

Is there parking for large buses?

We have space for three large buses. Please contact us in advance if you visit as a group.

Is it possible to have a guide?

Please ask the staff when you visit.

Can I get to the Center by public transportation?

Other than private car or buses, please take a taxi from the nearest station (Tomioka Station on the JR Joban Line). The Center is approximately 7.5 km from the station.

Is the Center wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There are accessible parking spaces in front of the facility.

Can we take lunch?

No. Eating is not allowed in the Center.

Is there a smoking area?

No. Smoking is not allowed.

Is there a shop or restaurant?

No, there isn’t any shop or restaurant.

Can I bring my pet into the Center?

Pets, excluding guide dogs, assistant dogs, and hearing dogs are not allowed in the building. There are no kennel facilities to hold your pet.

Are there any special procedures required for entering the Difficult-to-Return Zones?

If you are visiting the Interim Storage Facility Information Center, no special procedures are necessary.

What is the radiation dose?

We are taking adequate measures to reduce radiation on the premises. The radiation dose is approximately 0.4 μSv/h inside the building and approximately 0.7 μSv/h in the parking lot (as at June 2022).