Interim Storage Facility Tour

  Tour schedule:

July 2022
Tour No. Tour Name Tour Date Tour Times No. of Participants Sign-up period
7-1 Okuma Jul. 7(Thu.) 10:20~12:20 Max.20 /tour
Jun. 29 (Wed.) 
7-2 13:30~15:30
7-3 Futaba Jul. 23(Sat.) 10:20~12:20 Jul. 14 (Thu.) 
7-4 13:30~15:30
August 2022
Tour No. Tour Name Tour Date Tour Times No. of Participants Sign-up period
8-1 Okuma Aug. 5 (Fri.)  10:20~12:20 Max.20 /tour Jul. 28 (Thu.) 
8-2 13:30~15:30
8-3 Futaba Aug. 27 (Sat.)  10:20~12:20 Aug. 18 (Thu.) 
8-4 13:30~15:30


Morning tour  10:20   Afternoon tour  13:30

 Meeting Place:

Interim Storage Facility Information Center


Participants are allowed to leave the bus during part of the tour.


You need to book an Interim Storage Facility tours in advance. Please read the Important Tour Information below and send a completed Interim Storage Facility Tour Application Form to the Interim Storage Facility Information Center by fax or e-mail.
You will receive confirmation message by fax or e-mail at least five days prior to the tour date. In case of tour cancellation or changes, you will be contacted from our staff.

The Okuma Tour route

The Okuma Tour root map

The Futaba Tour route

The Futaba Tour root map

Important Tour Information

  1. People under the age of 15 and pregnant women may not participate in the tour.
  2. Please bring an official photo ID (eg. driver’s license, Passport). Your ID will be checked at the gate to the Difficult-to-Return Zones. If the contents on your application form does not match to those on your ID (eg. if your family name on your ID is different to the one on your application form), participants will not be allowed to pass through the gate.
  3. Please come to the Interim Storage Facility Information Center by the time on the date.
  4. Please follow the staff’s instructions. Any annoying or disturbing behavior may be dealt with by cancelling or discontinuing the tour.
  5. Participants are responsible for keeping your valuables safe at all times.
  6. The tour may be cancelled or changed in the case of inclement weather.
  7. Participants cannot be allowed to bring your pets other than guide dogs, assistant dogs, hearing dogs. (There are no kennel facilities to hold your pet.)
  8. During the tour, eating or smoking is not allowed; drinking is allowed only in the car.
  9. No restrooms are available during the tour. Please use the facility in the Information Center before/after the tour.
  10. Photographing is allowed for Soil Separation facilities and Soil Storage facilities. For privacy reasons, please do not take any persons or houses from the car. Please also refrain from videotaping and audio recording during the tour, which may be annoying or disturbing for other visitors.
  11. Photos that do not identify individuals may be used on the Ministry of the Environment and JESCO websites.
  12. Please avoid clothing that exposes your skin when visiting to Interim Storage Facility. Avoid clothing such as short sleeve shirts, short skirts, or sandals.
  13. Please wear the issued helmet, cotton gloves and mask when leaving the bus during the tour (We supply these items at the beginning of the tour).
  14. Participants that leave the bus during the tour will be screened for contamination upon completion of the tour.